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Hannum Crossing is 232-lot subdivision of single family homes. It is located at the northwest corner of Frost and Page Roads in Streetsboro, Ohio. Streetsboro is a rapidly growing community situated at the intersection of I-80 (The Ohio Turnpike) and I-480.  Page Road is just one mile east of the Frost Road/S.R. 43 intersection. Over 180 homes have been constructed within the subdivision. As before, all lots have been sold to a select group of featured builders. Our current featured builder is Tony Lunard of LDA Builders, Inc.

All lots have a minimum area on one-half acre and a minimum frontage of 100 feet. A recorded Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (the 'Declaration') controls the architecture of the community. The architectural design and site plans of all houses, detached garages and sheds must be approved by the Association's architect and engineer prior to construction. Hannum Crossing features an attractive pond, which is not only a recreational and visual amenity, but also performs the vital function of detaining storm water before it flows form the site into the upper reaches of the Cuyahoga River.

Large areas of Hannum Crossing are designated as Conservation Easement Areas. These areas preserve sensitive native vegetation and wetlands, and provide habitat for indigenous wildlife. Several home sites have the advantage of adjoining these areas insuring that no development will ever take place in those locations.

All residents of Hannum Crossing automatically become members of the Hannum Crossing Homeowners Association. The purposes of the Association are (1) to enforce the Declaration, (2) to enhance the welfare of the community and of all residents, (3) to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among the residents and (4) to facilitate communication between the homeowners and the developer.


O.E. and Julia Hannum, coming from western Massachusetts, arrived in Streetsboro in the spring of 1835. According to history, the peach trees were in full bloom and to the young pioneers it looked like the promised land. Their first home was a log cabin that they built on a hill a mile and a half west of the center of Streetsboro. O.E. and Julia were the parents of eight children. During the Civil War period they bought a farm north of Streetsboro on what is now Frost Road. This is where O.E. and Julia's youngest son, Charles and his wife, Emma, farmed and raised her family of four sons. Wayne Hannum, their youngest son, lived there until his death in 1991. Wayne and his wife, Mildred. Were the parents of Zoe (Weingart) and Ruth Ann (Manfrass). Ruth Ann and her husband, Leonard, built their home on the original homestead. In 1903 Charles Hannum's eldest son, Ray, purchased the adjoining farm. He and his wife, Edith, were the parents of two sons, Keith and Fay, and a daughter, Janet (Dunlap). The two properties were farmed together by the Hannum men and, more recently, by Janet's husband, Floyd. Two of Floyd and Janet's children, Michael and Susan (Robinson), have built their homes on this farm, as did Floyd and Janet.

The Hannum Family has played a role in the development of Streetsboro since the early days. Wayne served as the clerk of the township for 45 years from 1922 until 1967. Ray, Vernon, and Keith Hannum served on the Board of Education. In more recent times Vernon Weingart and Michael Dunlap served in the same capacity. School teachers who taught in Streetsboro have also been prevalent in this family. They include Ray, Vernon, and Edith Hannum who taught in one-room school houses. Two generations later Diane Dunlap Steffner and Susan Dunlap Robinson taught elementary classes here in the 'Boro'.Wayne Hannum, Leonard Manfrass and Floyd Dunlap were members of the original fire department. Floyd was also served on the first zoning board.



Wayne, Keith, and Fay Hannum built an airplane known as 'The Spirit of Streetsboro' which made its one and only unsuccessful flight from the Hannum farms on a cool fall day in 1930. This experience did not dampen Keith's love of aviation. He built a hangar on the farm which is still standing behind Floyd & Janet's new home on Page Road. Keith owned several planes through the years and served as a glider pilot during World War II.   His last plane was a four-place Cessna which left the Hannum airstrip in 1988 when it was sold.

Wayne Hannum and his family created a beautiful 'Hannum Hide-A-Way' at the edge of the woods. It was complete with a pond for swimming, a picnic shelter, a boat and two bathhouses! Needless to say, many pleasant times were spent there. Trips to the woods to pick wild flowers, watching newborn calves frisk in the pasture, anticipating bountiful crops of corn, hay and grain, sending the kids off with a piece of string, a pin, and a worm to go fishing, and enjoying the beauty of spectacular fall foliage has been our life for six generations. It has been great. We hope that many more families will enjoy life here as all of us have.                     -Janet Hannum Dunlap



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